tony k // lost clip

sick quick clip from tony k // pedaling through that smith.

campus ~@creepin // new years eve shit clips

sick new shit from brad/// i guess he doesnt always fall haha. lots of pissy clips in the mix too. brads looking good on 26's, fuckin psyched to see where he goes with it/psyched to see him back on a fixed bike. corey has been getting out to film non stop lately, 0:33 was so sick, good shit all around.

omar sebai // winter edit

lots of good shit in here// all the familiar killers in this flick; Gabe Winawer, Marco Marquez, Michael Stanis, Omar Sebai, Cole Offer, Packy Golan, & Cole Ruffing . sick line up.


this shits fire. packed full of clips. wt edits are always sick. 0:36 // 1:32 // and that ender. so much epic shit in here. must see TTv.

SHMOB////beginning of the end///QUICK CLIP

shane recognizes that we are all going to die in 2012// so here's the beggining of the end from him. psyched to see him rolling on his new 26 whip. lookin good already. big things in the works.

monday sucks // eat shiTT

this ones from brad /// falling is brads favorite part 2. looks like he went back for more on that "dirty30". you nuts brad. starting the year off right.

wizard // new years 3dit

classic marwin style // classic long beach spots. always psyched to see some new wizard footage, hopefully more in 2012. dudes been killing it since day 1. doin it for ROYALHC in this one.

fucking new years edit

john paul case is a fuckin character // always glad to see some new shit from this guy. sick perspective on spots as you can see, and a real fuckin weirdo (whats not to love).


best of the bakery // you already know. if you havent seen this shit, dont miss it.

skate shiTT

one last santa skate flick to wrap up the "holiday season".

miklyce autumn

milkyce comin through with a deep stack of footage. they got some fucking sick spots to shred.

n00bs // tae petch

some n00b shit from thailand ///

n00bs // michael young