christian hamrick /// im out here

...scraps my dick/// theres some fucking sick clips in here. tons of creative spots, rock riders, rails, fuck yeah... killer clips fucking stacked. looks like hamrick flipped the GRIME switch as you can see//thats some news. that squad is spreading like a forest fire. hamricks always killing it, psyched on this one.

ah fuck that hurts

one more for the road /// i havent watched this shit, but it came up on my list of shit to post... so get it. alec always brings some good shit to the mix.


some new shit from iminusd // im scrapin by on internet connection atm, so i havent even seen this shit yet, but you know its fire... team IMINUSD is deep with rippers. from what i did see theres some killer shit in here, and arimoto's new purple frame is fucking sick.


get em while they're hot. sick graphic // hand made with care. true grass roots operation DESTROY stays killing it.

rooTTs // EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

this is so fucking good// WATCH IT NOW // happy new years motherfuckers. thanks antonyo.

kbirdie // we all dyin'

heres that new kbirdie shit// always welcome at TTv. digging the tunes. mini shred to death, good styles. kbirdie kills.

quick clip // jball

sick quick one liner from jball// always good.

1/2 assed v.4

fuckin love these half ass flicks // doesnt have to be months of stacked footage to bring some necessary entertainment to the mix. gus and jaydee got out for some shred time/ what you see is what you get. theres always good shit, good spots, good clips. 1:23 trophy smash is too good// i got a laugh out of that. always must see TTv when these two get together.

phillip williams // daps

phil and sam dont stop /// snow cant even stop these two from putting out hits. due to weather they got forced indoors for this one, but theres some good shit in here// park looks a little tight for big bikes, but SHVRK made the best of it. fuckin non stop// these two put in work.

mashafix//ff powerhour

not that its "legal" to post lol; you already know whats good// probably already saw this shit on MASHAFIX// but its too fucking good not to add to the TT collection. 1:47 "i hate to interrupt you but i just really wanna do this and im in the zone" hahaha i love that guy. joe's 3 down the big set like a boss// antonyo is slaughtering rails, and that wallride 180 fuuh. so much action in this flick// probably the best MASHAFIX flick so far too, his editing style is getting dialed.


this ones epic// you already know i love that raw footage style no music shit. gotta love this guys temper// i used to get like this with skateboards haha.

skate shiTT // rooTTs // wTTf

if you know whats good for you// watch this shit now. caught this on facebook via torey thornton. so fucking good//


RITUAL EDIFICE where you at with this spot man// haha, so sick.

sfg disty // ynot korea

these YNOT KOREA flicks keep coming and stay legit. always good.