you already know joe and antonyo kill it /// theres so much fire in this flick. MASHAFIX kept this flick locked to drive some traffic to his site/// SO GO WATCH THE SHIT OVER THERE. feelin that gravediggaz sountrack so here's my favorite track from em.

jball // truckdriver attempts

so sick /// jball is going for some trucks inspired by gabe. this is what i was hoping to see more of when the contest dropped, everyone to get after it and push fixed tricks forward. so sick to see some next level tricks coming in. lets see more truck attempts, i know theres more people that got this in em.


caught this one via PHOENIX /// ruff's current build. i dig how he's kind of in his own world with the colorway, he always builds em up sick.

jball // compilation/chrome submission

this one goes back over a month, but i dont think i snagged it first time around. jball put this together for the chrome contest, its a compilation of some of his favorite clips to date. you can see some serious style progression between the clips on his old bike vs new... so sick. probably one of the earliest (if not the earliest) fixed truckdriver in the mix too. check it. thanks to jball for sending this through.

thunderkill 2011

the new THUNDERKILL line just dropped. head over and check it out. some real solid graphics this time around// i highlited some of my favorites below. TK has been doing this for a long time now// one of the original FGFS t-shirt brands. support the sport// keep it in the "trusted circle" haha. click through and buy some shit.

big wheel bmx

triple up today // fuck it. i dig watching these flicks. super clean bike build too.

snafu fixed freestyle

looks like footage was stacked for this one. spot variety, good clips, 2:06 was "ill". check it.

nasty signature frame

super clean filming and editing/// and some new footage from nasty. he always kills it with his signature style. 0:25 is so epic.


theres some super sick front wheel rider action in this flick /// check out 1:44 haha... epic. crispy aims to entertain.

quick clip /// nick lpr

quick clips are always sick. this ones got some double exposure editing going on, i dig the style.

eat shiTT

had to post this up as soon as i saw it/// the slam isnt as bad as it couldve been but, holy shit, check that catastrophic fork fail.

big wheel bmx

kuba makin freewheels look fun/// some big bike mini shred.

skate shiTT

i been into these ny skate flicks lately. quartersnacks keeps it spicy.

382 /// goodbye 2011

good way to start new years weekend with some "homage" to the year past. im psyched for 2012 and the end of the world and shit.

n00bs /// darnel balasabas

heres some n00b shit from about a month ago that i missed. some pretty solid clips in here.