tarck and skate

some tarck style roll outs // og "fixie" shit mixed with some real solid skateboarding. unexpected flick of the day type shit. definitely worth a watch, and their blog LEBOOMBLOG is pretty solid too, check it.

bike check /// musgraves favor

jball sent this through via SMC // musgraves new favor all built up. sick build for sure. im still wondering if its polished, chromed, or painted. either way/// its a clean build. click through for the all the bits and shit called out.


FOR THE RECORD// GABE ISNT CLAIMING THIS AS THE END ALL FLAT TRUCK, its his first ride away/// my thoughts are below;

i saw some mention of this on facebook recently, but i thought they were fucking around. shits no joke tho// gabe is a fucking boss for coming through with this. as far as i know, or have seen, what you see here is the first flatground truckdriver. boothby seemed like he had em locked, but i dont remember ever seeing him ride away. to all the "nay-sayers" out there, i knew someone would come through with it. unfortunately for gabe its after the contest, but fuck it, even sicker just doing it to do it. gabe, without question, ur fucking killing it man//

quick clip // matt montoya?

killer quick clip. goin big in this one.


now that its "legal" to post, i wanted to give it another go. this shit is worth watching more than a few times.  not to mention, his flick made its way on to THECOMEUP haha// even though they fixthie shit talkers they know whats good when they see it, but you gotta cruise over there and read the comments if you havent yet, lol at the shit talk. so sick to see tj killing it /// keep in mind he's been on pushing fixed tricks since way back before there were strong bikes or 26" wheels. #respect

heres some "vintage" TJ footage from 3 years ago in case you new to this shit

stoner mini

omar got out to shred some stoner park/// looks like he got some skate homies in the mix for this one. that park always gets me psyched. omar's getting better.

skate shiTT

lots of creative skate shit in here. 


some white ring


you already know that OSS shit is always sick, but this shit is epic. they giving away free dvds// head over and snatch one while you can. CLICK HERE // such a sick concept.