@mashafix /// #youknowwhatsgood


fucked this one up the other day /// thanks @tylermjohnson

fuck its been way too long since we seen some david grant footage. so sick// looks like he's rolling with bsd these days.

christian musgrave /// sketchy sundays #1

musgrave's been doin this for a long time, looks like he's gettin some styles dialed. this web flick came out sick/// hopefully we see a consitent series out of this. some killer mini shred in the mix.

forest parker for LDG

this ones worth a double take. soo much good shit in here. forest has sick hops// that intro clip is fucking lofty. dont miss this one, chain hops, big drops, massive hops, tech shit, sooo much fucking style... forest kills it. i hope he keeps this fire coming nonstop.

skate shiTT // trong your mind

TRONG stays legit. keepin the flicks coming and always solid. dahiya's line at 0:32 is so fucking sick, that spot is epic. check it// support some long beach local shit.

payton schwarz for blkmrkt

its always sick to see someone coming up// paytons been progressing real quick lately. so sick to see a new flick from him, and even more psyche to see he got connected with BLKMRKT. fuck yeah man

winter shred

this park is gunna be fucking sick for sure.


nothin new here, but i dig some grass roots bmx. 1:50 got me psyched.

n00bs // bijan pirsaheli

bijan got at me on fb sayin this shit was gunna drop// psyched to see him come though. definitely some solid clips in here. n00bs are gunna come up. always amped to see you guys reppin that TT in your flicks.

n00bs // shit clips

always fucking psyched to hear that people read, rollin sent this through on fb and i had to post it up, definitely the makings for some entertaining flicks. good shit guys.