santas dead

christmas is over in like 8 minutes/// nothin like guns and santa claus combined, wait for the ender. i dont think his jolly fat ass will be back next year hahahaha.

skate shiTT // more santa skate

legit santa skate.


jackass is kind of a blowout these days, but this shit is pure fucking classic shit. if you never heard this song/seen the video, play this shit for your little sister.

fixie shiTT // christmas dump

chick shred, tony k, fish n chips christmas shit, mashafix, quick clips, bmx, here's a christmas dump cuz i dont feel like doing this shit today.

rooTTs /// santa squad

a whole fuckin gang of santas in this one.

skate shiTT /// santa skate

sick flick for sure. lots of mini shred.

eat shiTT // santa claus

all you really need is the first 20 seconds or so hahaha. dumbass.


christmas in compton haha.

off TTopic // wTTf

lol/wtf whats in santas pants.

winter shred // santa style

that jolly motherfucker gets loose on the winter shred. sick clips in here for sure.

off TTopic /// santas wasted

looks like the bitch is pushing a car instead of a sleigh this year. lol when he starts throwing gifts out the window haha.

beavis and butthead christmas

heres some christmas "cheer" from everyones two favorite fuckheads

seasons greetings from TTv

merry christmas. i was hanging with santa last night and he says he's not bringing shit to any of you little bitches this year.