campus creepin

~@brad just dropped a christmas flick on us. theres some epic riding in here. brad, buck, corey, congo, these guys always go hard, so much footage stacked here. corey is on a fucking mission these days// that ender is insane as fuck, and brad took back to fixed riding like he never put it down. long beach kills it.

SHMOB saTTurdays: fish((eye))Phone

As of recently, SHMOB has been equipped with a MIVEU iPhone fish eye lens attachment. This product is still in the prototype phases, but we are stoked to be testing it out. So far i've been very impressed with the quality and scope of the lens, as well as the ease of use. The photos and video are just some small examples of what the MIVEU is capable of. Expect an edit soon comprised entirely of clips using it.



tylers SKYLMT flick is on some edit of the year type shit right here. we've all been waiting and tyler delivers. so much good shit in here/// the last few clips are INSANE. one of the best styles in fixed and an OG killer at that. this ones definitely worth the wait. 0:23/1:43/1:48 are some serious shit. cruise through and check out tylers new site, BLOGGING MILES//  FUCKING KILLNG IT.

fixie god and friends

some local flavor from fixie god// mckeag, congo, pissy, and dunnuck killing shit. fixie factory gets out and rides with everyone. youknowwhatsgood// i love how he's embracing the fixie god title haha.


lol // santa claus where are you im based hahaha. caught this on facebook yesterday. seasons greetings/stay based.


bmx/grass/fixed bikes. some random clips from alejandro de leon.

quick clip // christmas

fuckin sick one liner from jball.

bike check /// cofo's bruiser26

if you didnt already catch this at BMOREFIXED // check it. wanted to keep the BALHOGS hype going so i thought id throw this one up. COFO always has epic builds. here's the rundown;
Frame/Fork: MKE Bruiser 26
Bars: SPIKE 2pc High Bar
Sprocket: SPIKE Y6 33t
FRS: Sam Hanson Pro Hold Fast
Cranks: Profile 175s
Grips: ODI
Rims: MTX 33
Hubs: Sadio rear/All-City front

winter shred

a little snow for some "holiday spirit" // alway killer when you push someone to try something and they pull it out of their ass first try.

skate shiTT

more killer skate shred from ny/// they killing it over there lately.

skate shiTT

EPIC SKATE SHITT/// watch this shit now.


bmx full lenght for that down time/// you know you gettin some kind of bike shit for christmas// save this one up to get psyched to ride.