charles lost his head on this flick// got it all in the mix; fixed, skate, bmx, suicide, crazy tunes.. lots of entertainment in this flick. he's saying this might turn into a series/// i fuckin hope it does.


kris just posted up this "hard hitting interview" with the man himself phillip williams//aka//shark. he's been killing it for a "short" time but fucking up the web flick game with more force than some old timers. kris gets down to business in this one. LOCKEDCOG knows whats good// been doin this shit a looong time and knows how to put together an interview. check it// his new massochist bike check is in the mix too. 

santos reppin

holding it down at walmart hahaha.


too sick not to post. double roots today.

phillip williams // masochist project

fuck man/// shark and sam are relentless with the flicks. from the looks of it, phil built up a DESTROY MASOCHIST the build looks sick, that trans red comes out looking real good. its nuts how phils riding progresses a shitload every time he drops a new flick. always sick, killing it non stop.


an edit like this is an early fucking christmas present. this shit is so sick. i been hearing some stuff about BALHOGS for a little bit now and couldnt wait to see a flick from these guys. this shit will not disappoint. the squad is deep with your favorite riders // colin foster, sam hanson, chris clappe, torey thornton, and mike schmitt. so fucking psyched on this. sick to see mike reppin that TT shirt in the flick too, always amped to see those out there. edit of the fucking week, so much good creative shred in here/cant fucking wait to see where this goes. must see TTv///FUCKING KILLING IT.
cruise to their store and pick up a BH GRIPSTICKER/// all the profits go to getting their shit rolling and pushing some new products. support grass roots//keep your money in the real fgfs circles.

elliot milner // december solo

elliot is on a killing spree right now// two edits two days in a row. this ones super sick, dude has such sick style. i see JMIK(BHSK) talking about how small his bike is and how bikes are getting smaller, but fuck all that noise (no disrespect), the bikes continue to develop. im not one to "resist" anything when it comes to fixed freestyle progress. the small bike, the tricks, the style, elliot is on top of his game and pushing shit forward. oh fuck, and the ender is FUCKING INSANE.


mike, ed, matt/// you already know theres going to be some fire in the mix. but alex blanco seems like he came out of nowhere with some fucking epic riding. so sick to see new names get in the mix and kill it. must see TTv for sure.


charlie has skills/// sounds like he switched over to a freecoaster and this is the last cassette riding flick he's putting out. killer lines in here for sure.

quick winter edit

THIETH always appreciates some shit that comes in under a minute. easy to tune in no matter what/// its even more epic when theres good clips in the mix. classic sf spots in here.

bike check /// swoo/spike parts

SPIKE shit looks pretty legit, and swoo always keeps us up to date with his setups. always good. check it. as usual, legit riding in the mix. follow him over at CONSTANT REVOLUTION.

skate shiTT

quick one//fucking nuts


some n00b shit from some other place. check this gear ratio/// looks like he's pushing close to 1/1 judging from how much he pedals. crazy shit. makes tricks easier to learn and slow riding more bearable. i hooked up a super low ratio back in the day to learn wheelies, but this looks waaay low.