thray sixx mafiahh

gabe just posted up some killer throwaway/b-side shit

elliot milner welcome to royalhc

this edit is sick// lots of killer clips, i always dig upstair rides. elliot has killer style and a deep bag of tricks. epic entertainment, this edit is packed. ROYALHC is killing shit right now.

finn got hit by a car

looks like finn took a beat down by a car. shit fucking sucks. he walked away, and obviously kept a sense of humor about it postin this shit on my fb. haha. hopefully he'll send photos of the bust up bike, but we'll see. just glad he walked away. heal up man. 


i dont usually post up shit telling you guys to buy it/// but i commonly get hit up asking about the "cheapest" complete trick setups. this shit is it// CITYGROUNDS slashed the price of these completes down to $550, fucking insane deal for a quality whip. if you lookin to get on a legit complete with all that christmas cash from granny, dont hesitate to pick one of these up. CLICK HERE FOR MORE, cost breakdown, details, the rundown.

skate shit/// NEW BA. KU.

i already posted up some skate shiTT today/// but when i come across a fuckin gem like this i gotta post it up asap. theres always room for some barrier kult. intro is sick as fuck, gore/horror in the mix, the new decks look epic. tooo fucking good. must see TTv. head over to LOSTSOULSKATEBOARDS and pick up one of these decks/// only 40 made.

winter shred

the other kind of winter shred/// back before snowboards, all they had was skis. theres some pretty killer slams at the beginning, and epic ridiculous tricking at the end lol, check those nose pivots. shred your own shred, even if its some weird fucked up shit.


caught this one on the BANNED blog /// killer grit.

check ouTT // ritual edifice

this shits been showing up a lot lately. RITUAL EDIFICE is probably one of the sickest tumblr blogs ive seen, hasnt been around long, but deserves all the hype its getting. shit is epic. spot photos for days and he keeps it updated. some youve seen some you havent. spot porn.

bike check // nempro sluggo

heres one of the first NEMPRO sluggo builds // and with SKYLMT bars, havent seen much of either of these yet. crazy colorway, but sick to see the geo sitting on top of wheels and built up. these look killer, and you already know they strong from the OLDER POSTS.
here's the build specs;
Frame: Nemesis Project Sluggo proto painted yellow (from hella chunky)
Fork: RNS2
Wheels f/r: Velocity Cliffhanger/Sunringle equalizer 1.95 specialized tire all around
Cranks: Demolition -30t profile - Demolition Pedals - Hold Fast
Stem: intergral
Bars: Skylmt
seat: Something to animal cush
other: Dumbchuck peg - kmc chain - kink headset

quick clip // big wheel bmx

this is a pretty epic // packed quick clip edit. shitload of clips in a short time. legit, rigid fork big bike shit. check it.


last minute shoppers should just buy everyone cigarettes.


i caught this one WOLFDRAWNS music mondays a while ago. psyched on it, keep playin the shit, so i thought id pass it on.


killer spots, killer style, killer tricks. 

skate shiTT

theres been enough satan shit to go around these days/// but this was too killer to skip past.

off TTopic

some local graff shit/// i know a bunch of you are into this shit. thanks alfonso for sending this through.


not quite sure whats going on here, but theres some santos footage in the mix.


some n00b shit from thailand.