ROYAL HC 12-20-11

local flavor/// straight from fuckin cherry park. i love to see some local shit grow, and ROYALHC has been doing big things lately. he rounded up some posse for this one. sick to see a new edit/// killer shit in here too, gabriels back wheelies, new wizard footage, and some footage from sk who's been flying under the radar for a long time now. check it//cruise through and buy some shit, support grass roots rider driven shit.


the saga continues/// has anyone else out there made an 8 edit series? these are always sick, you already know. new spots every time one of these drops. theres some epic shred on the wolfdrawn proto frame in the mix haha, some destruction shred, and the ender is always epic, fuckin loved that one. guaranteed good time//always killing it. WOLFDRAWN.COM

payton schwarz gif

payton sharwz
payton sharwz
payton sharwz
max fromandromeda made this gif for payton schwarz /// THIETH loves a gif, had to post it up when i saw it on my fb wall.

skate shiTT

finn posted this up on facebook last night. shit is sick. i love some themed shit. indoor ramps//creative setups is always entertaining.

nempro sluggo frame

ive been kind of sleeping on the new NEMPRO shit for a while now, but i follow "brad4130" on instagram and he's been upping photos of this new "SLUGGO" frame in the works. looks solid as fuck, i dont think theres many frames on the market id reccomend standing on, especially without a hub in the rear. these should be sick, cant wait to see one built up. head over to their blog and check out more photos. support rider driven brands/// keep it grass roots.

n00bs // sonny ony

lots of n00bs coming out of jakarta these days. check that makeshift ramp setup. he's got some skills too. we'll see a flood of flicks as these kids develop. sick to see this shit growing.

zlog // lomo days

tj footage has been constant lately, this ones some "flashback" shit. looks like he and chris stacked this up a while ago... either way, this edit is mellow, killer styled, and its always sick to see new shit from chris and tyler. must see TTv.


for the record/// i dont hate the usa, dont be fuckin stupid. these days "punk rock" isnt punk at all, so i thought id flash back.

the hisTTory channel

daniel hit me up a week or so ago with some hisTTorical footage// i totally forgot about this edit. 2 years ago he put it together, and some of these clips still stand up today. check the pegless grinds in here, so fucking sick. the pfg days were epic, i remember being so psyched when these guys dropped new flicks. legit skatepark riding on a "tarck" bike is almost unbelieveable to look back on. dont forget where we came from/dont forget who pushed the sport in the "early days".


i might have posted this a while back/// but i dont remember, and i just rewatched it, and this shit is so sick. burns fucking goes for it. even if i already posted this shit up, and you already seen it, watch it again. epic.

mashafix 1/8th inch bueller 26 wheels

jahrome is gunna be building up a freestyle whip. cant wait to see this shit, psyched to see him get out and ride it. here's the wheels, new shit from 1/8th inch.