MTS hooked it up. too good.

grime television /// one day one spot

wonka and mike go hard as fuck. the slams in here are insane. i hope this series continues//ender is fucking unreal. just watch.


fuck yeah/// this shit is sick. some raw PISSEDEAD grit. these guys always bring a necessary element to the mix. another epic flick; the tunes, the phone filming, the indoor shred... always inspiration, always epic. loving that voegeli 180 out the front door// and the TT-shirt rep gets me amped. dude has been one of my favorites to watch for a long time, so im psyched to see him reppin.

michael chacon // t-level 2

always sick to see some chacon footage. he's got a dialed "signature style". so much bike handling skill, epic tricks, killer filming, quality quick edit. must see TTv.


the boss hog himself JOEMCKEAG posted this shit up on my facebook wall/// joe never sends in requests and i got much respect for that guy/// not to mention, this is probably one of the hardest bmx flicks ur gunna see right now. insane tech and massive shit. super skills right here. must see TTv.


arjay garcias mordecai v2 proto just got stole in long beach. keep watch for this shit. stole by a "bushy eyebrowed mexican guy". if you see the mother fucker give him some u-lock love. or if you see this thing locked up dont forget to buddy lock the shit. fuck this bushy browed piece of shit. learn how to come up on your own you mommies boy bitch//get a fucking job//get your own fucking bike. i always got a spare shirt for anyone who brings this thing back. keep watch. 

smashed up sunday

this shit looks like it "popped off"/// good sized crowd and some crazy shit goes down. cant wait to see more edits from this shit.

quick clip /// grant higgins

some real decent shit from long beach. this is a teaser for an upcoming edit, cant wait to see what grant throws down. from the looks of things he got some bike handing dialed, so this full edit could be good.

sdg lucas short

everyones getting rails and big hops dialed these days. lucas puts in work to get em dialed.


packy always brings the seasonal edits real legit. looks like this squad got out to ride with matt and corey/// couple clips from those two in here. love these packy flicks always pure entertainment. everyones killing it in here.

three jay

the title is funny get it/// cuz all there names start with j. anyways. sick shit from some virtual n00bs. this riding is no noob shit thats for sure. threes on lock, and back wheelies. if you like some yo-yo shit, thats in the mix too. real entertaining edit, especially being a single spot flick. psyched to see more from three jay.


this is so sick/// mike posted it up on my facebook wall. probably one of the sickest "bike photos" ive seen. haha. too fucking good.

december tease

groms marco and gabe going HUGE. theres an edit in the works over the next few weeks, i suspect this shit will be pretty nuts. judging from this shit, the edit should be pretty epic.

skate shiTT

brian anderson has epic style, kills it here. some transition skate shiTT cuz you know brad loves that shit and wants more. haha// no pools but close enough.

se bikes /// woodward west

oh fuck// boothby rides away from a backflip in this flick. se squad tore this spot down. where the fuck is gus. haha.


epic secret spot.

fury bikes /// zontrac straps review

FURY has been on a web flick mission for a while now. these ZONTRAC straps look pretty legit, so here's the rundown.


skipped past this one a few days ago thinking it was that same barcelona edit from before. this shits sick tho// if you havent alreay seen it, click the fucker. ZONTRAC brings good shit every time. so much sick riding in this one.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

a great big fuck you goes out to mondays and fucking cubicles and fucking work. winter shred this time// eat shiTT motherfuckers.

n00bs // justin rojas quick line

n00bs comin with flick every day. sick to see this shit growing.

eyeTTunes /// its time to get up

i fucking hate monday. this is what time i have to wake up for work. fuck you. haha.