watch more TTv

go out // marco

marco "killin it" on his signature frame. i dig that red chrome colorway. the grinds up the side of the ramp around the one minute mark are pretty sick.


another sick flick from shred. feelin that line at 0:58 and that HUYAMOUF shirt at 1:45. always psyched to see the shirts in the wild. SHREDCREW kills it//im a fan. follow their blog if youknowwhatsgood.


lol a couple people posted this up on facebook. too good. someone get one haha.


heres some behind the scenes from DESTROY// the UNICORN KILLER frame is going into production. thiese will be pretty sick, and its a step outside the typical freestyle geo. psyched to see these go to production and ill be interested in catching some of these built up for sure. destroy does it right. im always amped when these guys rep TT shirts, they fucking killing it nonstop/// destroy is the shit, support rider driven brands.
looks like they having a sale over there too// these are sick deals, get em while you can. 

skate shiTT

this ones sick as fuck. must see TTv. gonz living room bike shred haha // so much sick skating in here.

rainy day at ucla

so sick to see ~@ back on a fixed bike/// this is his "first day back". brad takes to this shit like "riding a bike" haha. he's right back to killing shit. brads too natural on a fixed bike to put it away. super psyched to see him back at it, hopefully this is the first of many. brad puts a flavor in the mix that doesnt exist without him. always psyched on new ~@ footage.

bucks first handrail

this is fuckin sick. buck always goes hard as fuck// dude is like a fuckin bear. takes slams like a boss and gets back on his bike. this is a fucking legit first hand rail and buck handles that shit.

alfonso garcia /// warehouse

alfonso just upped this quick one from the warehouse park at JSLV he snagged some killer clips, looks like a sick spot, kinda tight for big bikes, but he puts it together. alfonso keeps em coming//always solid flicks.


snagged this one from tony k/// epic new lil b shit haha.

khonkean tour 2011

not much riding in here, but theres some good clips towards the end. clean edit tho.

n00bs //

lol heres some classic n00b shit// text stamp from the editing software and epic tunes haha.