winter shred

lol i fucked this one up yesterday, so here's the flick i meant to post.
this shits old/// but its hard to come by flicks where fuckers arent wearing shirts down to their knees and triple xl pants. haha. nima has that shred everything mentality that we love to see. some sick roof drops and shit in here.

phillip williams // numb

always fire from these two, shark and sam have the web flick recipe dialed. this edit is so killer/// good tunes, killer riding, clean filming. too fucking good. shark is probably one of the most dedicated riders in this shit lately, getting out there in the cold and still throwing hammers. that park looks way sick too. must see TTv.

rooTTs // eat shiTT

epic slam snagged from charles on fb. holy shit.

more skate shiTT

caught this one on facebook via alberto fox/// too fuckin good not to post up haha.

jonah kessel december 2011

chacon put this one together for jonah/// kid is killing shit. definitely a n00b worthe watching, if you can even call him a n00b anymore. looks like theres no stopping this little shit now, he's putting some real solid shit down. nice work by MIKEONABIKE with the edit, came out real clean.

state bicycle co

heres the footage to go with that photo of jensen riding one of these... not quite sure what the deal is with that.


get loose//get weird, this ones pretty killer.

skate shiTT

no shortage of entertainment in this one. brad posted this up on my fb wall sayin these are his new favorite groms. some funny shit for sure. check it.

SHMOB saTTurdays//chrisTTmas phoTTo album #2


#SHMOB//all parts under the tree are for sale haha

SHMOB saTTurdays//chrisTTmas phoTTo album

Merry Christmas from Johnny, Sabrina & Whiskey. Note the psychedelic Yule log on TV, tree topper & parenTTal advisory. #SHMOB cerTTified