skate shiTT

this ones sick. who doesnt love some gonz footage, and sf has epic spots. this ones a real good mix of different styles, mini shred, rails, tech shit, epic variety, quality flick for sure.

the hisTTory channel // joel weston back wheelie

according to vimeo this goes back two years/// i find that shit hard to believe. if you were around at the time, theres no way you forgot this shit. one of or possibly the earliest legit back wheelie. its nuts we havent seen more people bring the back wheelie in that time. 

marwin ou

looks like marwin dug up some clips from the archive for this one. sick to see that quad out there rolling around. marwin has one of the smoothest flatground styles in this shit. respect your "elders". haha. he's been slaughtering this shit since day one.


sick part / sick tunes // caught this via COGWEI on vimeo. #heknowswhatsgood.


if you dig los microwaves /// check it

big wheel bmx

team berserk always brings some good riding to the mix. this shits mostly skatepark, but its not every day some legit big bike shit drops.