iminusd/// KENNY ARIMOTO

kenny lays low for a minute and comes back with some fucked up shit for IMINUSD. theres some insane clips in here. arimoto is one of my favorites to watch/// im a big fan of his riding and DESTROY BIKES. he goes fucking huge. that acid drop at 0:46 is easily my favorite trick and one of the biggest we've seen on a fixed bike so far. but pretty much every clip is epic in here, if you didnt catch it yesterday, watch the shit twice today. FUCKING KILLING IT.

bike check // sammy's GOAT

bike checks just keep getting better. this is some quality shit.

skate shiTT

toxic turdz posse shreds everything. single spot mini shred fuckaround.

mbase // a saturday teaser

sick to see some shit coming from melbourne // theyve stepped their game up with this one. good mix of old and new styles of riding and definitely some skills in this group. from the sound of it, they got a bigger edit in the works. keep watch over at TRANSFIXEDAUS for updates.


i figured with all the "fixie" throwback shit today, id post up a bmx throwback flick. tom molyneux throwback edit if you know whats good for you.

jball // classic trailer

heres more throwback shit/// this time its a modern take on throwback riding. jball and posse are working on a throwback flick. psyched to see where they go with this.

fishy throwbacks

theres some good shit in both of these. the footage dates back to 09/// back in the tarck days. theres been quite a bit of tarck throwback shit these days, these two are a quality showing of some hisTTorical riding. some tricks in here that i didnt expect from this "era"// fishy been doin it big for a long time now.

mashafix /// jakob santos busted foot edit

santos// you nuts man, dont fuck your shit up worse than it already is haha. he obviously couldnt wait to get back on a bike. psyched to see him heal up// he obviously has some fucking energy to ride. when you are forced off your bike for a bit you come back ready to fucking kill//someones got an "itchy trigger finger" lol. via MASHAFIX

jmik// la fiesta del suck

jmik of BHSK BLOG upped this one yesterday. its not always about hammers, get out there and shred your own way/// doesnt fucking matter if ur "good" or not. he's saying he sucks, but this flick is out of context, sick to see some riding from JMIK. head over and check his shit out if you havent before.