TT 02.16.11_2, TTH13TTH, THIETH, TT, TTv
TT 02.16.11_2, TTH13TTH, THIETH, TT, TTv
TT 02.16.11_2, TTH13TTH, THIETH, TT, TTv

mashafix//josh boothby

MASHAFIX just dropped this mellow flick from boothby's visit to long beach. some cruising down by the beach type fuck around flick. digging the tunes haha. thanks to jahrome for keeping us entertained.

I AM SAMMY. gripBike-KK

way solid edit for GRIME and SPIKE. caught this one via FIXED FREESTYLE on facebook //definitely worth a follow if you dont already.

a minute with joe mckeag

this one just showed up on youtube/// joe kills it to death over and over. epic angle of the one and only joe mckeag truck driver. check the description; "I got bored and I wanted to edit, and I think this guy is one of the best out there. Footage credit to Steezysquares and smc1595" i think ur right man/// one of the best in this bitch.

off TTopic /// team clonc folding bike shred

the man JAHROME tagged me in THIS POST on facebook. looks like he dug up a real fucking gem here. he's been going hard over at MASHAFIX to deliver some solid content. shit is looking good these days// psyched to see him coming up on epic content like this. killing it//must see TTv.

christian musgrave // advertisement

blatant/gratuitous advertisement action from musgrave/common bmx. rumor has it they been working on some new shit, going hard to get clips lately. looks to me like they droppin shirts with this one, hard to say for sure tho. haha.


you already know/// THIETH loves anything with burns in it.

skate shiTT

0:34 // holy shit close one. killer new york skate shit. i been into the big city skate flicks lately.

winter shred // snowjob

the first part is definitely better than the second, so if you wanna keep it brief//just click out there. lots of creative shred in it.

quick clip /// hiro's vandal

caught this one over at PHOENIX /// hiro built up a VANDAL, i think this is the first one we've seen with a phoenix fork... this build came out clean/ that contrast rear wheel looks killer. he also upped a test ride quick clip to go with it. head over to the PHOENIX BLOG for pictures and the full bike check.

wheelie tutorial

unfortunately this shit isnt in english/// but maybe you can pick something up from watching close... either way, its sick to see people still putting out tutorials. via SDG LUCAS

n⊗⊗b$ // k6f crew

k6f crew keeps at it. lots of roll outs in here, old school flavor.