jakob santos /// comp/shop riding

aside from this being killer comp footage and shit/// n00bs everywhere should take note; this is how you keep your sponsors psyched. dude is out with a busted up foot and still making news, still dropping flicks. stack that footage, santos is doing it like a boss even when he's busted up. real juiced to see this shit coming non stop lately.


since this FOAD squad showed up, they been on a fuckin mission. non stop flicks from these characters. they always bring the entertainment, solid riding, even some fast bike/mashsf "fixie shit" in this one. so sick/legit clips from everyone, including the fixie shit. must see TTv.

sunday sputum

spun / sputum keepin em comin lately.

quick clip // ricardo lino

ricardo just dropped this one for GRIME /// leave it to him to come up with some crazy shit. haha.


SHRED flicks is always sick. more eat shiTT for your fuck monday vibes. quick trailer type flick. check it.

tyler nakamoto /// one year anniversary

this is some super sick n00b shit/// if we can even call him a n00b anymore. this marks tyler's one year mark on a fixed bike. he is definitely one of those young fuckers you gotta keep watch for.  he's 14 but drops some man size tricks. fuckin psyched to see groms coming up real hard. watch for that ender, its insane, i cant believe he didnt go down when he lost the bars//wtf. like a boss. watch close at 1:08 /// always psyched to see you guys reppin some TT in the flicks.

skate shiTT

not a 10 deep fan/// but this flick is pretty killer. always psyched to see some ny skate shiTT.



this guy kind of has a wacky riding style, but he goes huge in some of these clips. 2:06, 2:21, and the mansion hop are some definitely highlites.

the hisTTory channel

will just uploaded his entire history of flicks/// dont know what happened to em the first time around, but its sick they back online. he had a series of quick clips going for a while, real frequent, under a minute long, constantly upping new shit. it was sick, now he doesnt even have a fixed bike as far as i know. GET BACK AT IT WILL.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

this ones a classic. if you havent seen it, dont miss it.
monday sucks
eat shiTT