sMc // classic trailer

sMc is working on a flashback style flick called classic. tarck style trick shit. heres their vimeo write up;
"New edit coming out soon based on the old style of fixed gear riding from the past inspiration for this video came from watching a old Council of Doom video."
could be pretty intereting. lets see some riding.

milkyce // eating shiTT

always entertaining to see someone eat shit over and over haha. theres that nutter from a quick clip the other day too. i dont know if sexual healing is going to do the trick after that shit tho haha. killer flick for sure.

catacomb bikes /// shades coming soon

another sick web commercial from CATACOMB BIKES. sounds like they got some shades in the works. i said it once and ill say it again, these flicks are classic. always good for a watch. check it.

cove sessions

anthony teitelbaum has been keeping the flicks coming lately. big rail at this park looks sick. sounds like he has an edit in the works too.

sf laundry joint

raw footage from the island in sf/// psyched on seeing more forest parker footage these days and you already know both these guys (matt montoya and forest) kill it. check it. thanks to dan for sending this through.

not so winter jam

footplant 180 over the rail would have been fucking sick, fakie hops down stairs aint nothin to fuck with, and the ender is so epic. good soundtrack, killer possed, good flick all around. must see TTv.

quik clip /// pedal grind

this is about as quick as they get/// haha. sick.


psa//crack killz


double rooTTs today/// but you know whats good DAHSTREETS.BLOGSPOT.COM occupy dah streets. im a big fan of this blog. its one of my regular reads, so check that shit out. 

skate shiTT // trong your mind

this first one is killer/// i dig the narrative. some epic local spots in this one. some shit i didnt realize we had around here.

the second one here features goTThross's bitch ass actin tough in the intro haha. head over and check out TRONG // keep an eye on that local shit.

rooTTs // destroy

the DESTROY bmx squad is picking up steam these days.