SHMOB saTTurdays: sTToked on 26"//AIRWOLF

It finally happened...I'm riding 26's. I was a longtime skeptic about the difference in wheel size, and was positive at one point no 26er would ever truly fit me. Then this thing came along: the All-City Airwolf (thanks to Johnny)//its a beast. I'm super stoked to be on it, its easily the best feeling bike I've ever ridden ((night&day difference from a V1 Thrasher). Its comfortable and plenty big enough with a 61cm top tube and massive tire clearance with a legit uncrimped rear end. All I need is my K-Lab sprocket back on it and a longer fork and this bike will be truly dialed. I'll be looking to get some footy in the coming weeks so stay TTuned.

chris fonseca // jakob, josh & torey NY riding

according to the vimeo caption this will be the last fixed flick from fonseca. he brought us a shitload of entertaiment over the years. its always a bummer to see something good come to an end, but he's going out with a hell of a flick for sure. psyched to see this even though the news that came with it isnt the best. fonseca pushed fixed flicks and specifically freestyle forward in the early days and was part of what brought us where we are today.

jonah kessell /// coming soon

jonah got some new shit in the works. heres a look at some shit he's been working on. legit tricks, especially for how young this kid is. keep em coming jonah.

n00bs /// eli simmonds

packy posted this up on my wall. check it. n00bs comin out of the woodwork these days.


i saw these last night/// they came out sick as fuck. chrome bars is always legit, and it looks like UNKNOWN got it dialed with these. 

nick koo is cooooool

check that fucking intro slam/// fuuuuck.


this kind of shit is always the worst// people who steal bikes should eat a bowl of shit. if you live in the NORWALK AREA keep watch. if you see this fucking bike, take the shit back and get at me or DANIEL AYALA on facebook. happened at ROSECRANS AND PIONEER.

street session with friends

fixed gear geneva keeps it coming.


watched this shit last night at the FF /// probably one of my favorite bmx web flicks.

skate shiTT // saturday morning feaTTure

a solid skate full length from russia /// fuck a tv, tune in.

off TTopic // skater vs gangster

this ones a youtube classic if you havent seen it.

quick clip // eat shiTT

fucking sucks.

jball /// casual friday night

jball keeps getting better. digging that og flashback at 1:08 and the enders are solid.