quick clip /// charles schoen stair rolling

haha epic.


friday night/// drink fight fuck

rooTTs /// ak/iphone/cro/ldn/w/11

sick stylized flick with some tricks you dont see every day. lots of killer shit going on here.


its friday/// careful with that rock kids.

khe affix bb

here's some clever shit if you guys are breaking bottom brackets/// bushing rather than sealed bearing. KHE makes quality parts and this is an interesting "innovation". i dont think that fixed riders blow out bottom brackets as often as bmx, but if you do, this shits a solution. head over to KHE for details. posted this up cuz its not everyday that a product thats actually "new" drops.


this ones fucking epic// TEAM LOOSE NUTS is hitting the road. hit up KAREEM@loosenutscycles.com if you wanna house these fuckers or get "loose" with em. haha. some epic shit in this flick, that tire slide and ender by torey are too good. check it, definitely this mornings hammer flick. here's the route for the trip///
We will be leaving Atlanta December 27th
Chattanooga TN Dec 27th
Birmingham AL Dec 28-29
Jackson MS Dec 30
New Orleans LA Dec 31-Jan 3
Baton Rouge LA Jan 4
Mobile AL Jan 5

skate shiTT

this ones far from your typical skate shiTT/// insane creativity here. we've seen flicks from this guy before. the skate traditionalist might shit on this, but its a sick change up.


///heres some beavis and butthead instead

big wheel bmx

some big bike b-roll. team berserk holds it down for 26freewheel. they keep a pretty consistent flow of entertainment coming too.

the hisTTory channel /// ed and ed

wonka and delarosa. two of the bike games hammers. this shit blew my mind when it dropped. its obvious wonka gets respect//deserved. if you didnt catch this flick first time around, dont miss the shit.


LDG keeps the goods coming like santas fuckin workshop haha. its sick to see new products for sure, and ldg seems dedicated to dropping quality shit consistently. not to mention they're backed by some riders who go fucking huge and know what they want/know what works. head over and check out these SANTOS 747 BARS// pick up a set. sick to see santos still making headlines even when he's out with an injury/// like a fuckin boss haha.

quick clip /// k6f crew

quick one sent through by pigwood on vimeo. k6f crew mixing old school and new.

n⊗⊗b$ // peter tranchen

heres some n00b shit // real solid for a first edit. this ones not new, missed it a couple weeks ago, but it worth a watch.