great white north volume 4

sick spots sick tunes sick shred/// great white north volume 4. watch this shit. doesnt look like winter weather is holding em back. number four in the series///keep this shit coming.


THIETH IS ALIVE/// for the first time ever. haha. this shit is so fucking sick. jahrome (MASHAFIX) texted this shit to me. so fucking psyched on it. the animated more evil than ever TTH13TTH. so epic.

mike schmitt // b roll

mike goes hard as fuck. this edit proves it. theres some fucked up slams in here. he has that die trying mentality/// its so sick to see that kind of dedication. slams aside/// this is probably mikes best edit yet, epic styled piece here. i fucking hate to over use the tag today, but theres no doubt/// fucking killing it. via WRAHW

big wheel bmx

this ones sick/// big bike photo studio shred.  check out more over at MADEOFSTILLS

quick clip /// grant higgins

grant higgins just upped this quick one. looks like a solid spot to chill out and learn tricks. thanks for tagging that shit with TTv and sending the link through, much appreciated man.


this shits not just a series anymore/// its a fuckin legacy. hard to believe this series is 7 deep now. these fuckers have been holding down long beach, digging up unseen spots, and killing that shit. as usual, when theres this many hammers in a flick, i dont bother trying to call one out cuz everyones on point. this is epic pogression every time one of these drops. WOLFDRAWN flicks is the redeemer.

the death of barcelona

theres some holy shit in here for sure. killer edit by mike. you already know this posse goes hard in the paint, but theres some clips that should take a double or triple check to digest. oscars rail hop in the intro is probably the biggest thing i can think of seeing on a fixed bike. insane//fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

you guys wanna see some fucked up shit??? haha. this is probably THE MOST EPIC skate flick ive posted on TTv so far. even if you dont like skateboarding, never watch these kinds of flicks, what the fuck ever///WATCH THIS SHIT NOW.

shower power hour

lol at the title. packy and gabe always bring some good shit to the table. this ones on point. these two are coming up hard and keeping the flicks flowing. they are a couple of my favorites to watch out here in the la area. always sick, always sarcastic, packy and gabe kill it. is this gunna be a series like the fixie factory power hour????

jakob santos // ldg

this ones sick. i always dig some jakob santos footage. killer spot, super clean filming and editing, killer clips. i slept on this one due to \/\/IKED\/\/EDNESDAY which was fucking epic yesterday, but here it is, dont miss some santos.


sfgXrallyXynot. youknowwhatsgood. sfg has been bringing killer flicks for a loooong time now. these ynot korea flicks stay frequent.


get strange

original intention

some fuck around shit in the rain. looks like a good time//some horror in the mix.