this shit is so sick/// just sent through by a reader (thanks alex//sick find). get it while its hot, the shake junt full lenght. its sick for sure. dont hesitate if you like skate shit, so many good parts in here//something for everyone. must see TTv.

dumb old catacomb bikes is now open

lol this commercial is sick/// all these flicks theyve dropped are classic. keep these fuckers coming. sounds like catacomb bikes is open for business. support the strange.


this ones a look at how things go down over at RYD BIKES. seems like a solid operation, support some local shit, check it out/// heres what NNC had to say about the flick:
Never Not Creating(NNC) was Built to Motivate myself and others to Create on a Consistent basis, With a No excuse attitude for Creating Content and Products, Budget or no Budget, With help from others or just You and Your Ideas, Go and Create, give Yourself Permission to Progress.
In this video we give you an inside look at "RYD Bikes" shop located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Narrated by Johnny Ovall of RYD Bikes


another issue of stoked on fixed bikes/// always good. these online mag deals keep getting better.


this ones killer haha. good for a laugh/solid entertainment from pepy. head over and check out his squad at FGG

"whip cream falls like waterfalls"

theres a fucked up video title for you. alec aranowitz always drops some good shit, and its been way too long since we saw a good "fixie free" flick.

rory mcdermott 2011

rory kills it in this one. some epic lines for sure. looks like he's got 180 bars dialed, and that ender is way sick. sounds like we'll be seeing more from him according to the youtube description. get psyched for some good shit. whats that redline frame he's pushing in here? i missed that one somehow. any way you chop it, this is must see TTv.

skate shiTT

epic mini shred. some killer spots in here and some more scooter shit. probably the first two flicks with scooter shit on TTv today. i dont plan to make a habit of it. if you dig skate shiTT and you dont read WILL ROSENSTOCK'S TUMBLR, you fuckin up.


ive been a TEAM DILLY fan since their last flick was about to drop/// looks like they got a follow up in the works, should be good. loose, "good times" style flick.

proud cat & shocks

more from PROUDCAT. they pushin a lot of flicks through these days to promote their frame.

n⊗⊗b$ // LPR Bangkok

lots of n00b flicks today. this one comes from bangkok. sick how fixed tricks are going down "worldwide" watch for 1:11 kid on the stingray getting his willy on in the background.


mushy flicks are always sick.

"compton clips"

i dont think houghton park is in compton, but its close enough i guess. was that joe in there going for a truck? fucking sick.

quick clip /// two tricks with william le

some n00b shit/// i love seeing people get after backwards wheelies. lets see 180 up a curb to back wheelie, then we got some serious shit haha. eventually we'll get there.

winter shred

this park looks sick. some killer creative shred goes down in here.

n⊗⊗b$ // moniee

some n00b shit/// first day with the fish eye lens. theres some scooter shit, i try to stay away from scooter footage, but i thought id get this kids flick up cuz theres some potential here.