steven jensen and franco simone

we always fuckin psyched to see some new jensen footage. franco just dropped this edit of him and steven messing around at a local skatepark. bmx and fixed in the mix. epic riding from both.


now you know/// PISSEDEAD has a website. looks like it may have dropped real recently. check em out, should be sick as it develops. these guys have a grittier perspective than the rest of the world. book mark that shit and keep up with em til blogger kicks em off haha.

rick anderson // chief of police

finally some rick anderson solo shit. haha. this has been a loooong time coming. id forgotten how hard he goes. so many sick clips in here, rick kills it. i wonder when these 26" bruisers are going to drop, almost guaranteed to be one of the best 26er frames on the market when they do.


rolled across this one at random. some mesmerizing rock and roll shit.

emortal X dylan(fish&chips)

always sick to see some new footage from dylan. looks like he's riding one of those UVT frames now. quick, simple, killer flick. this ones for EMORTAL CLOTHING, cruise through and check out their stuff.


jam style shit is always sick. way better than organized contests. check that step up ramp, people going big. via BONEDETH

skate shiTT

not sure what to make of this /// looks like a pretty corporate advertisement to me, but either way, chicks and skateboards is some shit you love.

winter shred /// snowboards and guns

heres some winter (secret spot) with some guns in the mix. thats a fuckin day right there// shred with the posse and shoot some guns haha. sick.

chicks with fix

always sick to see a chick going for it. stay at it, next flick she'll be putting down feebles and hopping 10 stairs.

quick clip /// grant higgins

quick front yard three from grant higgins.

sputum /// no music, just practice

i dig flicks without music.

monday sucks /// eat shit

i fucking hate mondays. eat shiTT.