toronto streets

this ones epic. shark got out to ride with mosher. there hasnt been new footage from tom in a long fucking time so this is so killer to see. he still kills it. must see TTv for sure, and it looks like they got kyle messier in the mix too, cant wait to see more of this toronto shit. sam clark always puts together killer edits too. good shit all around.

packy golan throwaway // camera test

packy golan throwaway flicks are killer. this ones got some fire in it. always psyched to see some footage from this squad. some real good shit in here, definitely an entertaining edit.

kyle messier /// nov shred

this ones killer. someone i dont think we've seen much from coming in with some good riding. the bmx track shit is so killer, he flows through that shit real smoothe. super sick, psyched to see more from this guy.

sunday night movie /// winter shred

some grass roots winter shred shit from japan. pretty good spots. dig the diy feel.

bike check /// congo christmas

seasons greetings from congo, he tweeted this shit at me and i had to post it up/// haha this setup is so sick. he's always changing his shit up and pushing a sick colorway. i love this one. the red looks epic and these LDG HAMMER FRAMES build up so sick on 26's. 


FOAD is quickly becoming one of my favorite squads to watch. this shit is sick. all things ttv in the mix, some bmx, skate shiTT, snow skate shit, fixed bikes. this edit is pure entertainment and true to that grit you love. fucking psyched on FOAD, must see TTv.

charles schoen // windier

fucking sick see more frequent updates from charles. this ones quick but sick. he keeps the grit in the mix. always good.


turn this up loud.


more doctors prefer camel cigarettes.


hamrick and bbgkcmo putting down some killer indoor park lines. this is sick. soudns like they might keep this coming regularly through the winter. park looks super sick. i think this spot is where we saw one of the earliest hamrick flicks filmed at. sick flick dont miss it.

~@brad // new box day

looks like its always a party at brads house. they always up to soemthing. that box is sick as fuck for sure. brad brings the non stop entertainment. bout time they should drop some kind of ~@brad show.

quick clip // k6f crew

quick one liner// solid.