skate shiTT

more from slap/// some legit skate shit from sf. that place has been a long time mecca for epic skateboarding, and slap has been holding down "core" skateboarding for as long as i can remember. support grass roots, transworld kind of sucks these days anyways.

unknown boyz

some UNKNOWN shit from the other side of the world. suzkid dropped this one///funny title, looks like a teaser for an upcoming flick.

mashafix // afc uproar

more killer comp footage from jahrome at MASHAFIX. his editing has progressed a lot lately. snagged some sick clips at the event. and just for the record, it looks like joe is getting trucks dialed. arimoto went fucking nuts, those 5's are insane//so huge. sick comp for sure. loving that TT shirt rep in there.

zlog // doing rails

ruff and tj got out for some tennis court shred. i dig this shit. ruffs bike is looking sick these days with the chrome bar/fork combo. always sick to see these two get down. im a big fan of both their riding. keep these quick ones coming guys. via ZLOG


its december// christmas time, and this shit just wouldnt have that "tv feel" without some commercials.


i was wondering what that ender clip was in yesterdays "did you see that" flick. here it is... you cant see shit in the video, but heres the roof drop. i remember pissy tweeting or saying some shit about a roof drop. he is killing it these days. wish we had a clear clip of it. via// WOLFDRAWN


im into these BSD flicks. check that backyard ramp. so sick.

the hisTTory channel

the first one is pretty solid /// i didnt realize how long sam allgood had been riding. high speed wheelies are always epic. the second one comes in from musgrave... goes to show, he's been strange for at least two years haha. cat in the hat trickin way back. thanks for sending these through guys.


this one is fucking epic. matt always comes up with some original shit. his videos are some of the best out there. this synchronized double angle double rider shit is insane. double angle "just in case you didnt see it". watch it twice. always killing it. FIXIEFACTORY4LYFE//WOLFDRAWN.COM

n00bs // kyle messier

n00b kyle messier getting his grinds dialed.

gwang @ byclipse

byclipse has an indoor ramp and gwang gets down. private indoor ramps are sick.