big wheel bmx

some big bike shit.


good shit from jamie mauri and jay wilson // even some dirt shit in the mix cuz i hardly ever post any...

shocks 流行衣術 in china

we dont see much from china.


sometimes i get to posting too quick/// being that i sometimes post at work and some boss bitch is looking over my shoulder, i fire these things off waaay too quick. yesterday i fucked up and said that bailey was 3rd in the chrome contest. get this shit straight... Bennett Orlowski took third. my fuck up. sorry guys.

clitclips #1

lol at the title of this one /// rick posted this up on my facebook wall and i knew it was gunna be gold. that "#1" implies its the first of many. i really fuckin hope so. lots of good shit in here. packed full of antics, fire works, good riding, even some antonyo footage from his previous life in the midwest. so fucking sick. please keep these coming. this embodies all that grit we need more of. rick kills it in here, he's been hiding under a rock or some shit, so its sick to see footage from him.


this is pretty sick /// FURY MAG is strictly fixed freestyle. none of that track style bullshit. theres already enough of that going around. its about time for something like this. check it out. lots of good content in there. check that WOLFDRAWN section /// psyched to see a hometown hero get some attention.

krislc // sf junk drawer

this one comes from the man kris LOCKEDCOG /// always epic to see new shit from him. he has one of the smoothest styles in fixed. wish he would post more flicks. dont miss it, looks like some b-roll shit from sf.

skate shiTT

these palace flicks are instant classics. so fucking sick.

andrew vogeli /// pissedead /// burro web at

heres a burro ad from PISSEDEAD // these guys are making a presence felt lately, lots of action from them. looks like you can stuff lots of good shit in these burro bags haha.

n00bs // quick clip // tyler nakamoto

tyler has been keeping the flicks coming lately /// looks like he's working on some new tricks, getting three's dialed in this one.