quick clip // tyler nakamoto

more n00b quick clips // this one comes from tyler who is only 14 but dumps out a big bag of tricks in this line. i dig the quiet neighborhood raw footage.

quick clip // they just keep getting younger

fixed n00bs just get younger. sick to see em pick this shit up

spike in stock at sealee

SEALEE URBAN has spike parts in stock /// unfortunately, they are overseas... hopefully we'll start to see SPIKE parts show up here.

n⊗⊗b$ // TRM bike shop

never heard of TRM bike shop, but hopefully theres more to come.

tj's last quick clip

this is tyler's last quick clip before his SKYLMT edit drops /// these are so sick. teasers, and quick edits that cut clips short are kind of a let down, but these raw footage clips have been so sick. cant wait to see this edit, and i hope he keeps these coming after it drops. tj kills it. if you havent picked up a set of bars yet, snag em while you can/// just set mine up last night and they are more comfortable than expected. the rise/no cross looks so sick too.

phillip williams /// megalodon

shark is a fuckin powerhouse. the volume of edits and the "vastness" of his improvement in recent months is fucking insane. "props" to sam clark for keeping these edits coming. watch the fuck out for phillip williams in the near future and forever to come, this guy fucking kills shit to death.

skate shiTT

antics, spots, fast skating, parks, street, pools// slave shit is always sick. heres some throwaway from the recent flick.

jball /// a day out

looks like jball recruited a whole squad for this one. they terrorized santa ana park. looks like a sick spot for fixed bikes. lots of good shit goes down. jball is on a mission these days. SMC BLOG is looking good these days/// head over and check em out.

winter shred

mellow tunes, good spots, smoothe style, quick paced edit /// killer winter shred flick for sure.

bike check /// bb17 charmer

the BB17BLOG has been keeping the content coming lately. heres a quick bike check flick of a charmer build. these things always build up sick.


snagged this one by way of sean coats likes on vimeo /// too sick not to post up. sean has a way of tracking down some real good shit. check that slam at 1:15. good gritty bmx shit.

quick clip /// 8 stair sesh

n00b anthony teitlebaum went back for seconds on this 8 stair 180 /// wanted to get it dialed. i dig the dedication.

n⊗⊗b$ // vance tetreault

vance is cleaning out his throwaway clips to make room for a solo edit. watch out for the n00bs.

sMc // irvine

...more from irvine/// these guys keep the flicks coming. thanks for the wall post. im still catching up on shit i missed while i was out. irvine is a good spot to ride, shitloads of spots, bike lanes everywhere, and the place goes to sleep when the sun goes down.