cultive X planet hops

this ones been up for 5 days so its oldish news now/// but i missed everything for a while there. check it if you havent seen it, super clean filming and editing as expected from PLANET HOPS. mellow tunes, good riding, killer flick for sure.


mellow//dark//rock type shit. entertainment for your eyes and ears.

phoenix rail assault

quick one from ricardo lino for PHOENIX. way sick for sure. perfect amount of entertainment for the short attention span.

quick clip /// chris sims grinds

quick clip from chris sims/// someone we dont see much from. his riding is too good for him to be hiding out haha. killer quick clip. more clips man.

catacomb bikes // grime goat

these CATACOMB BIKES commercials are instant classics. haha. i hope they keep this shit going. head over and buy something/// support some good shit.

proud cat

looks like a quick commercial for the PROUDCAT frames. this guy has a wicked looking 180.  no idea whether or not these will be available here... theres also some build pics on their blog. looks pretty solid.

chicks with tricks

heres one for the RESIST photo contest that probably has a good shot at winning. haha. getting a lot of attention on facebook so far. Devan is one of the few chicks who gets down with some legit tricks.

skate shiTT // quick clip

soooo fucking sick

ff power hour 4

you already know whats good// with these clowns haha


phillip arellano//obsolete

phillip hold'n it down for the big dudes// fuck yes! solid riding & tunes



jamie mauri // NO FUCKIN RULES // so many sick clips in here. get creative, get loose, ride your own way.

charles schoen /// szechoen chicken

been way too long since we saw some new shit from charles. psyched to see he's still at it and staying creative on his bike. lots of interesting spots in unusual use of terrain in this flick. keeping the THUNDERKILL dream alive. sick shit for sure.

n⊗⊗b$ // santa clarita

some n00b shit from santa clarita // ryan hernandez, calin hernandez, tyler nakamoto get some shred on. check that slider, damn near half this fuckin video. haha. siick.

quick clip /// FOAD rim tap

THIETH loves a quick clip /// FOAD brings some creative shit to the table with this rim tap. psyched to see these guys keep it coming.

steven dunnuck /// kwiki edit

dunnuck just dropped this quick one with a guest appearance by joe. that intro slam is fucking solid, but it doesnt phase fixie god haha. sick riding from both as expected.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this ones on some history channel shit// i remember this one from waaaay back. bmw forks were stronger than your average track fork, but didnt stand up to "tarck" riding. this ones classic. fork snap to face plant.