let the food coma come over you


oscar k

i was doing some fb lurk'n//& came across this screen grab what ever this is for i cant wait to see it!


Quick Clip: rim tap

FOAD keeps them coming. This one is crazy, hitting the rim on the outside of the rail. I'd be surprised if he did that on purpose.


New shit from PISSEDEAD//Bennett has some creative riding in here, really diggin the stair bomb ender.

Fuk Outta Here

Torey coming at us with a quickie//Love me some gaps and railhops.



Looks like the BLACKSUNDAY crew took a trip to Malaysia. There's some comp footy in here along with a mix of solid street riding. Footjam tailwhip and 3tap 180 were sick.

#FF power hour 3

You guys already know what to expect from Antonyo, Joe & company at The Fixie Factory. Too much good shit to call out//watch it.

JayJay Ribaya//Mornin'

Adam Montgomery upped this last night//JayJay is loooking real comfortable on that new X-life frame. That 180 rear tire grab attempt was rad, never seen someone try that.

Kulture Lab Black Friday Sale

Starting at midnight, KULTURE LAB is going to be having a Black Friday sale featuring sprockets (33t & 25t) for $50 and shirts for $5//FREE SHIPPING as always.

Go "like" these guys on Facebook//support your American made companies.

TTechnical diffculties

so thieth will be out for a few days so im going to try and take over the reigns will hes out so happy thanksgiving