always good shit in these WRAHW flicks. the WITCHTAPES are one of my favorites and one of the longest running fixed flick series out there. always pure entertainment. dont miss this shit. must see TTv.

the hisTTory channel /// rick anderson

heres one that i totally forgot about until now... this rick anderson solo edit was so sick. went cruising through old blog posts and gave this one a watch. so much good shit in here, from way back almost a year ago(ha). rick was killing it here, been a while since we saw a solo edit, but im sure with bike handling like this, he still got it. watch this shit. keeps his speed up, flows through the park real smoothe. rick has a natural style /// drop some new shit on us man.

skate shiTT

i hesitated to post this one/// but when i see it making the rounds on facebook, im blowing it. check this shit out, epic skate edit for sure.


more crispy shit. this ones sick. lol at the song. good edit straight through tho.

quick clip /// forest parker

epic one liner from forest. this is the second forest parker post in the past week or so /// hopefully we gunna see more from him now.

quick clip /// rally

quick one liner from rally /// november must be quick clip month haha. so many lately.

skate shiTT

more good shit from richmond va.

rooTTs//quick clip

some bmx "quick clip" action. a little long to be a quick clip, but still sick raw style.

best shit ever /// miles mathia

i dont think anyone will argue that this is some of the best edits we ever seen out of fixed bikes. miles fucking kills it. the dirt shit in this one is insane. if for some stupid reason you didnt watch this before, you fuckin up, click it now.

winter shred

break out your baggy pants and double xl sweatshirts for this one haha. some action from bear mountain. they been keeping their shit updated constantly to keep the world informed on snow conditions. pretty sick to see em drop edits so frequent.

big wheel bmx

some big bike shred /// the intro is long, but this shows how far fixed bikes have come. a lot of the same tricks go down on both freewheel and fixed these days.