MILKYCE /// bastien raoux in barcelona

some pretty good shit in here. digging that double peg to wall and backwards. some cretive riding in the mix for sure. VIA//MILKYCE

mashafix presents /// holdfast "congorilla"

MASHAFIX is on a fuckin mission to entertain these days. non stop flicks from jahrome. this time he meets the congoloid. LOL. congo is a fuckin boss.

chris delia /// on the prowl

chris delia brings his own style to fixed freestyle /// looks like hes trials inspired.

1min//asphalt beach films

another one from STEADFAST // this ones shorter than the last. good clips in here. dig that snowman smash.

skate shiTT

THESE GUYS have been upping non stop entertainment since i tuned in.


good shit from quentin korea

forest flatland

some flatland from forest parker at the sf bike expo.

n⊗⊗b$ // derek salvador

theres basically no one at that skatepark in the first clips /// thats living the dream.

chicks with tricks

i love seeing chicks get down with some trick shit.

tv koji2

some minishred// i always dig parks like this, a couple boxes and a wedge ramp. quick clip style.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

monday sucks /// eat shiTT.