this shit is pure fucking fire. epic riding from joe and super sick UNKNOWN news with this frame drop (that shit is going to be so sick). by far the best edit we've seen from MASHAFIX /// all around, jahrome stepped his edit game up hard for this one, and joes riding steps up every fucking time you see him. the fight at the end lol///you know whats good. pure entertainment/just watch this shit... FUCKING KILLING IT.

Fixie Factory: @JoeMckeagSays lol


shark /// welcome to destroy

holy shit to this one /// shark just got picked up by DESTROY // this shits been a long time coming. i dont think anyone else has come as far as him as fast. nonstop hammers in here. hes pushing pegs now and has a deeeeep bag of tricks.

skate shiTT

i dont know if anyones seen baker2g/// but this kid is a little funny fucker. these are his sections from the flick. he's all grown and living around long beach these days pushing a new brand called SLEIGHTOFHAND

bike check /// living room shred

this is living the dream haha flatbar in the living room.

big wheel bmx /// reon

heres some solid big wheel bmx (for real this time) no squish fork/redbull/overbuilt mtb bullshit in this one. head over and check out TUBAGRA /// killer blog where fixed and big bike shit collides.


its friday get weird // some entertainment for your eyes and ears

skate shiTT /// fuck yoda

heres a couple quick skate flicks from FUCKYODA.COM /// head over and check their shit out. fuckloads of entertainment. the first one is some lol shit and the second is fucking epic. way too good not to pass on.


russia kills it on bikes. theres no shortage of spots and a shitload of people are killing it. lots of good clips in this one.

skate shiTT

kostons 1080 flip/// this one made the rounds on facebook yesterday/// if you didnt catch it, this is some must see TTv shit. dont miss it, too epic.

off TTopic

ive been a corey smith fan for a long time now. check his shit out// he's got an entertaining take on things.

psb // uproar fixed comp

looks like PSB is getting into some fixed shit these days... some good coverage of the comp. the dirt park looks sick. some good shit went down.


"happy friday" from john and THIETH.

rally & k.z // 2-3 years ago

looks like rally has been digging deep in his archives. more tarck trickin from what seems like a fucking decade ago haha.


seems like theres a trick comp every week haha. heres some from the other side of the world. "fixie shit worldwide bruh"