death of barcelona /// day one

this is about as live as updates get. these guys just got to barcelona and theyre already putting in work. so sick, looks like everyones going hard/// cant wait to see more footage from this. the ZONTRACK edit is legit.

rally/// 2 years ago

heres some hisTTory shit from rally. looks like he's been sitting on this footage for 2 years and just upped it. its a pretty killer flashback to the tarck days.

fgg /// barcelona

barcelona is a street spot "mecca" /// these guys dig up some classics in here. lots of sick spots, good riding, good filming and editing. always solid flick from FGG.

big wheel bmx

this shits not new/// 2 years old according to vimeo. a bike check in the snow and a different kind of "winter shred" ha. killer tho.

dawson phan welcome to black sheep cycles

most of you probably already saw this shit, i caught it making rounds on facebook yesterday. theres some real solid lines in here. norcal has a shitload of solid riding these days and dawson has been in the mix for a while now. good to see he got picked up.

fixed gear trick tips #11

the more tutorials/// the quicker everyone learns. keep shit like this coming. mutliple angles and slow motion help a shitload imo. via XXLSTYLE

quick clip // wheelie 180

these lucky fuckers get to ride indoors. so sick. probably so killer to ride one of these indoor malls.

the hisTTory channel /// ravenfeeders

this ones long so be ready to sit back and watch. this goes back two years now and pretty much sums up the state of fixed riding at the time. so much good shit in here, we need more ravenfeeders these days. this ones so sick. aj posted it up on facebook, had to snag it. these ravenfeeders were going harder than almost anyone at the time. so epic. get your head right, respect where we came from. aj has been in this shit for the longest time and still pushes it harder than most.

quick clip /// dew

this is the third quick clip from dew in the past 3 days. fuckin love quick ones.


if you dont know steven hamilton/// you fuckin up. this shits old, but still so sick.

skate shiTT

max pulice sent this one through. this is a skate flick he made for his cousin. some real legit tricks in here. your cousin got some skate skills man.


swoo keeps tutorials coming... theres a few bits on bikes that are super easy to steal, foot retetnion is one of them, no tools required to swipe that shit. looks like he came up with a solution after having his stolen a couple days ago. head over to CONSTANTREVOLUTION for instructions. watch your shit, the second you let your guard down, some bitch who cant take care of themself will take yours.

quick clip // rally bunnyhop bar

quick one from rally. theres been a flood of quick clips lately. i love these shits.

mashafix /// boothby intro

boothby all day /// haha. head over to MASHAFIX for some sf bike expo coverage. lots of photos.