off TTopic// golden dawn

shut your mind down



this is sick news/// joe got picked up by hold fast. rumor has it he'll be doing some signature straps in light pink with hearts and penis's. haha. fucking psyched on this tho// joe kills it, he has definitely earned all the loot that comes his way. via MASHAFIX

the hisTTory channel// congo

this embodies the living myth that is congo//




shinfo// biker fox

words of wisdom


the hisTTory channel// Sean Milnes

so good// & probably one of the first well edited in the early days


off TTopic// rollerblading

i know i know there is some dudes in the "fgfs" "fixed free" scene that rollerbladed or still do so this ones for you gents// no hard feelings haha



fuck the system// do your part​pipa


rooTTs// wildman backflip

the og himself todd lyons// EATIN SHIT while throwing a backflip e.t. dude still has it



some mid day easy listening tunes//for your ear drums


quick clip // vallejo waterfront

heres a quick nose ride.

off TTopic // topside

i wish my dog(roman) could do this haha// this is so strange.

the hisTTory channel// no cassettes

tripple og shit/// one of my personal faves


quick clip /// dew

another quick one from dew /// solid 180 bar.

off TTopic// Ted Bundy

its always weird to hear such a disturbed person view on things


rooTTs// nathan williams

i mean what the fuck man//this fucking guy kills it
i love the double peg to hard 360! fuck'n lost my mind.


quick clip /// arjay garcia

another one from tony k's flick factory... he keeps em coming. this ones from arjay//check that slider haha, fuckin long one.

n⊗⊗b$ // omar sebai and elijah grismer

omar is getting better with each edit and his "homie" elijah is in the mix here. some solid riding from both.