this shits been a long time coming /// some real tall bars with no crossbar. SKYLMT dropped these today and they are actually available... no preorder bullshit. snag a set while you can.

steadfast // sapporo fixed gear

STEADFAST just dropped this one/// lots of footage here, some solid riding in the mix. looks like theres some chick fix in there too haha. sick to see chicks get down with tricks, even if its only a couple clips. good shit all around.

SHMOB updaTTe//SF bike expo

Johnny Coward took first place in the am comp on saTTurday//super juiced for him. He won the Eightinch complete ((with some proto parts on there)) pictured above #SHMOB

geometrick /// bff paris

heres more coverage from bff paris /// this ones from geometrick.

quick clip /// dew's nollie bar

someone forgot to turn their phone haha. sick fucking quick clip tho. 

the hisTTory channel /// antonyo wothe

antonyo kills it. this one goes way back to high saddles and 650 front wheels. look at his setup, kind of hard to believe some of these tricks went down back then. before antonyo came to long beach, footage from him was few and far between, psyched to see more these days. never forget the people who innovated and pushed shit. this was some of the most legit park riding id ever seen at the time.

skate shiTT

double skate shiTT today /// ~@brad posted this shit up on my facebook wall and i had to pass it on. some new deer man shit. too good to pass up, and theres hardly any "fixie" shit today.



some sissy shit

skate shiTT

some killer sf skate shiTT. so much good shit in here. sf has so many good skate spots.


if nothing else/// check that intro slam. thats why chain hops are heavy as fuck.

reppin that TT

screen shotted this motherfucker reppin that TT/// check out. john paul case is always killing it.

quick clip /// vance

looks like n00b vance is getting 180 bars handled.