skate shiTT?

caught this one on FUCKYODA.COM. these guys know how to get loose haha. this video is epic... ZONKVISION flicks are pure entertainment, so check em out // shit is sick.


looks like theres some bmx beef in here // its all fuckin fun and games. skip forward to the riding and check some epic footplant shit. so sick. crispy keeps the entertainment coming nonstop.

santa clarita

packy golan, michael stanis, gabe winawer, kosta stanis got out and rode santa clarita. this park looks sick as fuck. theres some skate shit in here too. packy puts down some killer lines/// 700c dont limit. this whole posse keeps getting better, gabes style has progressed a shitload. im a big fan of this squad and im psyched to see em coming up // see em killing shit these days.

MIKE SCHMITT // mts fall off 2011

mike always goes hard as fuck /// this edit wont let you down. 1:53 is so sick. his style definitely isnt generic. lots of big grinds and creative spot use in here. ender is pretty fuckin nuts. must see TTv/// mike kills.

okumura's shortclip

solid quick edit. looks like he's riding a dj frame in there? some solid tricks "pop off" for sure.

jball for allcity

jball has been going hard in the paint since he got picked up by all city. this ones sick. shows what a little motivation can do. he's coming along quick these days. watch the fuck out.

quick clip /// SHARK ATTACK

shark is really killing it these days/// he mailed this one through last night... he was saying he didnt think we've seen this on a fixed bike before... i cant remember anyone doing this. definitely some next level shit for SHARK. super fucking style.

NUCULT /// suspended happiness 2

NUCULT brings the entertainment with this one/// dirt, park, street, chicks, tricks, beers, antics...

soundtrack // bff paris trick comp

heres more comprehensive footage of the trick comp at BFF PARIS. count on SOUNDTRACK to deliver good footage every time.

big wheel bmx

the title says it all/// short and sweet

mashafix sf bike expo

MASHAFIX coverage of the bike expo continues to roll in...

n⊗⊗b$ // pt

some n00b shit/// this guy is coming in with a pretty solid bag of tricks.

katrina medina

everyones favorite "fixie chick" still gets her shred on. been  a long time since she dropped an edit, its good to see she still got it.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

snowboard slam hammer. fuck.