iminusd /// november

always good shit from up north/// they killing it lately.  IMINUSD has been holding it down for a while now. looks like wonka rolls with em now.

kendrick bautista /// good bye nempro

some good shit from kendrick.


gus posted up some nirvana the other day/// heres a "modern" take on some "grunge" shit.

kiki rkr /// penumbra x krack

some people still keep it classic w/ 700's. solid riding in here.

skate shiTT

some good shit/// lots of park, but still legit. fireworks, antics, skateboarding, 1:54 lol.


some bmx shit for that saturday morning sit back, this ones "long-ish" /// take it easy... shake your hangover... watch some TTv.

winter shred // saturday morning feature

its that time of year again///heres a winter shred flick. i plan to get out there this weekend, so here something to get psyched on. check the trailer below if you not sure you want to give up 30 minutes on some snow shit.