the spaceghostpurrp hype been dyin a bit, but this ones my favorite. put this shit loud like its friday.


tony k has been going hard in the paint for a long time now /// heres a quick one of some local skatepark shit.

bike check /// vincents volume vandal

in response to my post the other day about wanting to see vandal builds "in the wild" vincent hit me up with his freshly built whip. this is a clean build and it couldnt get any more fuckin wild than a park haha. looks like brand new everything, and white walls got it lookin real "fresh". heres the rundown on the build/// all solid parts;
Volume Vandal frame Trans Red
Unknown bike co fork
Resist headset
LDG spacers
Demolition keystone stem
Resist Congoloids
Demolition Enarson grips//Proper bar ends
DECO seat//Resist seatpost
Animal bb
Resist 160's
Treelite 28t
Burro straps//Primo pedals
LDG half link
Nsbikes front 26 laced to allcity hub
Mtx33 rear 26 laced to Unknown bike co 14mm hub//LDG lockring//Resist 14t
HB Easyrider 26x2.125 whitewalls
Gsport front peg

skate shiTT

sick fuckin "diy" skate spot. some wood and shit laying around turns an otherwise unskateable into some good shit. so killer. WILLROSENSTOCK.TUMBLR /// this squad kills it.


posted up a banned flick yesterday and remembered how much i dig this shit. heres an old one, short, action packed, banned carnage.

kickin it with a kicker

calvin tualla sent this one through. theres some names youll recognize in this one. looks like the posse picked up a kicker and had a mellow session out front the house. some good lines in here for sure. thanks for sending it through man.

scott horton X sadio

the SADIO team is one of the strongest "in the game" right now. heres some new shit from scott horton and matt reyes. aside from the obvious (this flick being full of hammers) matts edits are fucking sick. perfect length, nonstop action, quick transitions, hortons hammers, dirt work, rail game, what more do you want. dont miss this one. horton kills it. must see TTv.

mashafix /// on the road

jahrome is on the road up to sf for this weekends event /// looks like he'll be keeping us all updated "remotely" that kind of shit is never easy, same day updates are legit as fuck. psyched to see him bring some "live" coverage. we'll see what he comes up with/// stay TTuned to MASHAFIX