quick clip // tatta handrail

heres a quick one of a first go at a handrail. looks like a perfect fucking rail for some first time shit. sick spot for sure. killer quick clip.


these PHOENIX v3 straps have been out for a little while now, and with that comes a new batch of WOLFDRAWN signature edition. these things look killer, theres multiple insert styles to choose from///im into the fuckin sad straps. WD styles are always on point, so your whip will be well equipped and looking sick as fuck. support rider driven products//pick up a set. "dont sleep" on this shit, supplies are always limited. DONT FUCK AROUND CLICK HERE // BUY NOW


rooTTs double up today/// a banned flick dropped... i dont like to miss this shit. this ones sick as fuck. so much sick shit in here. stair rides, threading the needle, tree ride shit, epic banned footage. "peep game"


JBALL and MUSGRAVE bring good shit to the table, this is the second installment of "creativity" they bringing some quality mini shred to the table. these two ride all the fuckin time and keep the hits coming.


swoo just posted up this contest on CONSTANT REVOLUTION/// looks like its gunna be tricky haha. you gotta guess the models of each of the bikes in the image. THE SHIRTS show the same whips as the contest flier// get in there and get your guess on. ive also been hit up by a couple people to keep the world in the loop on fixed comp shit with fliers leading up to events. this is a step in that direction, keep me informed if your city, shop, posse, whatever has a comp going on, it helps me out a shitload to keep this going. 


caught this one on THECOMEUP /// looks like some good shit went down. who doesnt love a party//and halloween parties always "pop off" hahaha. theres some good shit in here.

skate shiTT

gus posted up that firecracker kickflip yesterday, so i thought id dig up some more richie jackson shit for you. this guy is definitely an "original coors" or some shit. haha. his skateboarding is creative, and he dresses like some pirate gypsie or some shit. definitely one of those people who "does his own thing" and i can appreciate that. doesnt matter what the fuck everyone else is doing/// fuck with shit your own way.

the hisTTory channel /// two parter

one part is a fuckin thank you to gus for his \/\/IKED \/\/EDNESDAYS, and some "historical" footage from him. never forget, this fucking guy is an "OG". next is on some WTF SHIT, what the fuck happened to shop cultur? saw some shit on LOCKEDCOG too. there was never really any public explanation, that shit just fell off. ha. fuck it tho, we're glad to have him at TTv and hope to see his \/\/IKED antics continue...

winter shred

this guys one of my favorites to watch///winter shred. posting em up heavy this week cuz i plan to "hit the slopes" this weekend and im watching this shit.

volume vandal build

i prefer reader builds over these kinds of things, but the vandal builds up sick. cant wait to see more of these in the wild. until then, head over and check out the vandal that VOLUME built up. you know its sick as fuck//full RESIST part kit. that trans red is killer.

mishka taiwan /// wonder taichung trip

heres another one i caught while cruising the SDG blog. more from taiwan. looks like some single spot type shit. flatbars are always killer.

bff paris

i didnt see much footage from the BFF PARIS trick comp/// but heres a quick one. looks like a decent turn out. maybe an edit is in the works.