this ones been making the rounds/// i saw tj and mike schmitt post this shit up on facebook, so i thought id be blowing it if i didnt pass it on. looks fucking sick. this ones got it all/// epic tricks, chicks, blood, bums, antics, everything you want and more. so sick. dont miss this one. cant wait to see the full length.

bike check /// all city airwolf

i havent posted up a single ALL CITY AIRWOLF since these things dropped. this ones pretty sick. "alex svc" posted it up on TRICK TRACK. check the build list//pretty legit//metal pedals to buck the trend;

Frame- All City Airwolf Medium
Stem/Bars- Eclat Hannibal/Congoloids
Headset - Kink Integrated
Fork - Unknown
Seat/Post - FBM/Volume
Drivetrain - 33T RYD Sprocket/170 Demolition Revolt/12T/Resist BB
Chain - Eighthinch Half-Link
Front wheel - MTX/Unknown/Geax Tattoo 
Rear wheel - MTX/Destroy 14mm/Geax Tattoo
Pedals/Straps - Ns Bikes metal/19TxNUNEZ
Ratio - 33/12 


i caught this via FIXEDFREESTYLE on facebook. some killer photos in here for sure. hopefully this one continues.

off TTopic /// mtb action sequence

i dont reallly know what the fuck is going on here, but it looks like some 70's movie style action sequence, funny shit for sure. kill the bad guys with some fuckin bike stunts.


fucking psyched to see some new shit from sean///its been way too long. i was starting to think we might never see footage from him again. seans been killing long beach for a long fucking time now. psyched to see he's still at it and still on point. sounds like theres more in the works too.

quick clip/// alex nunez

alex posted this shit up on my wall. its a quick one///dig the slow mo on the 180. looks like hes got cab 5's dialed. sick quick clip.

skate shiTT /// DIY

~@brad posted another skate flick on the FB wall (via TYPICAL CULTURE). (but wait theres more haha) this one shows some diy skatepark teardown shit. it sounds like brad is rallying some troops to build up some diy in long beach. we did at one point have that LB free park that was growing diy style, but the city killed it. the more participation something like this gets, the bigger and better it can be. here's a second flick featuring the LBFREE park///haha you can even catch redroomblake in the mix. sick.

get at brad if ur down to help out. if you dont know how to find him, email, facebook, whatever, get at me and ill send you his way.


i caught some hoder/de la rosa photos on DEFGRIP so i thought id post up some hoder shit. its old news now, but im a fan.


this ones got a mix of fixed and bmx.

diego edit

theres so many fixed riders down here in the LA area.


one short one long///n00bs are coming out of the woodwork. theres no sign of fixed bikes slowing down. new names almost every day. its sick to see you guys get out there and film shit///no matter what your skill level, get out and ride. film some shit.


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