looks like steven picked up a gopro... this ones some first person filming. usually these flicks are just a cruise around town, but steven takes along for back wheelies hop bars///the whole jensen experience haha. sick.

quick clip /// bacon construction gap

the guys over at BMOREFIXED bring good shit to the table. heres to making use of what you got to ride. this is sick.

nikko jow /// day edit

kendrick bautista upped this one for nikko. everyone is progressing these days. the tricks are getting bigger and better. nikko put this one together quick. one day session at a local park.

bike check /// alfonso garcia

bike check flick from alfonso garcia/// super clean build plus a couple tricks at the end. that ledge in the last clip is sick as fuck. 


first pic is torey's latest BB17 ad, popping a rail hop to wheelie (filming for balhogs)///thanks for sending it through, and the second is his current build both are sick as fuck. torey has been on a mission lately and his latest edit was sick as fuck, the new build looks epic, cant wait to hear more about this//see more riding from him on this beast. hit WRAWH to stay current.

big wheel bmx

some killer big bike shit. lots of tech-ish tricks, good spots, super smoothe style. check it.


antonyo and joe have been getting out late night and stacking clips. these power hour flicks are so sick/so much good shit in here. antonyos ledge tech is insane in here, and joe is on fucking fire lately, so many hammers. i hope they keep at this shit, these are sick.

tony k /// oktober throwaway

non stop hit factory tony k brings us more killer footage. i cant say ive seen much from his friend in here, but dude brings some solid tricks to it. tony flicks are always good.

jball /// fall

"pun intended" haha. this is some more monday sucks///eat shiTT type edit. jball stacked a pile of slam clips/theres some good ones in here.


if you a clockwork orange fan, dont miss this. one of the more killer themed parts from the bone deth video. all of it is sick.

skate shiTT

more from slave/// these edits are so sick. 1:53 is epic.

sputum coming soon

heres one from the other side of the world.  1:58///riding down stairs is always a good time.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

some fixie shit this time///caught this one via nicolas zanoni on facebook.