Fixie Factory: @JoeMckeagSays Birthday!

give him a lots of birthday wishes on his facebook or his twitter -a

phillip williams /// martyr

phillip has come a long way in the past 6 months. kind of hard to believe actually/// this shit is sick. he shows some obvious bike handling skills that most dont come up to after a short time. sick to see his progression broadcast over the intenet. ill keep watching shark flicks for as long as he puts em out. so sick.

quick clip // skate shiTT

firecracker up stairs // i wouldnt have believed it if i hadnt seen it.

quick clip/// dew'sadio nose manual

heres another epic nose manual/// this time its from dew. the standard has been set higher now. nose manuals are on some next level shit these days.


heres some killer black and white bone deth shit. theres more than just riding to entertain in this one. THIETH loves chicks all tied up and gagged and shit.

skate shiTT

double up today/// ~@brad posted this shit up on my facebook wall, had to share that shit, i dont post enough pool skating, and this edit is sick as fuck. slave kills.

skate shiTT

heres some skate shit from overseas// they have the whole skatepark to themselves all day. thats a rarity around here. some super long grinds in this one. legit skateboarding for sure.

winter shred

for the record///one local ski spot is open and the others should follow this week/// just sayin. heres some winter shred to kick that shit off.

toyo mini edit

some park shred//raw footage style.