vandal builds

via KEEP IT TRICK. vandals are in stock all over and they building up real sick. i saw one of these frames in person the other day, and the trans red is sick as fuck.

winter shred

what better day for some winter shred shit than a rainy one. gus engle should be in everyones favorite snow shredder list. he rides everything. even if you dont ride snow///you can apply this to wahtever it is you do... shred everything in sight, fuck shit up.


more sights and sounds///THIETH loves chicks with plastic bags over their heads. <3

bike check // charliieeee's marino custom

i keep seeing these things on TRICKTRACK and they always look legit. i always "want" a custom bike but never go for it. this ones built up sick. dig that polished rear rim. head over to MARINO if you want one///rumor has it they are priced real fair. here's charliieeee's build spec;
Frame: Marino Bike
Fork: BB17 V2
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: S&M Redneck
Bars: NS District
Grips: Cult Dehart
Cranks: Stolen 175mm
Sprocket: Tree Lite 30T
Pedals: Animal (Sealed)
Straps: Burro
Chain: Gusset Half Link
Seat: Demolition
Seat Post: Kink
Front Wheel: MTX 33 > Primo N4FL Hub > Intense MK2 Tire
Rear Wheel: Halo SAS > Profile hub > DMR Supermoto
Pegs: Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones
Cog: EAI 12T


msv videos are always a good show.


its been a while since we heard some noise from MIXT MEAT but these straps look sick. PHOENIX keeps killer goods coming. head over there to see more pictures/pick up a set.

rooTTs // two parter

two parter for friday///dont miss either of these flicks. this is a couple of my favorite edits to come out of bmx. the first one is a part from the bone deth video that i skipped past the first time through//but its way sick. the second one should get you psyched on some friday shit.

skate shiTT

i posted this up once before///but way before anyone read this blog, so i thought id give it a re-up. i love sf skate fast down hills skate flicks. omar takes fast skating dead serious//kills it.

the hisTTory channel///tom and tony

this is one of the more referenced old flicks from tom and tony, but i wanted to put some shit up side by side with the new flick to take a look at where we came from vs where we are and that recent flick next to this is some epic comparison. i remember when this flick dropped, it was insane... fucking sick how far we've come. below is a comparison of whats basically the setup in this flick vs the setup in that new joint. thats your history shit for the day. take it seriously or die.

tom lamarche ///

this is the one we werent allowed to post because it was too exclusive... but i cant go on without this in the archive, i just wanted to make sure HYPEBEAST had a chance to snag it first. shit is definitely insane. some of the biggest tricks in fixed have come from and will continue to come from lamarche. he is fucking shit up on some next level since he jumped on that p-fix and he''s grandaddy of fixed tricks. respect.