"best glory hole clip ever"

so fucking sick//had to post this shit. must see TTv.

jonah kessell /// ldg mini

jonah just posted this up on my facebook wall///some mini bike fix shred. the bike actually fits him, its pretty sick haha. he's definitely got some tricks on this thing.


lol///you know whats good. this shit is insane if you have redblue 3d glasses.

fwendz///the madarangs

shiloh hasnt dropped an edit in a long time. heres some friends shit. check that slam at 0:17/// thats some fear coming true right there. never seen anyone go down like that but always felt like it could happen.


just caught this over at SHRED /// looks like they snagged one of those #HUYΔMOUF joints from at WOLFDRAWN. i get fuckin psyched to see you guys wear this shit. if you havent checked SHRED yet, legit blog, so check that shit out. 

laurent PILI /// one gear

laurent and ONE GEAR always bring some good web flick shit. this ones clean as usual. some variety with the dirt jumps in this one/// nollie bar ender is pretty sick. getting shit dialed.


holy shit///if you havent seen this one yet... and in case you didnt know, thats how you nose manual. haha. insane. these quick ones from tyler have been some of the best shit out, i hope he stays at the quick clips/raw footage. SKYLMT team is about to fuck shit up, cant wait to see who else joins this squad.

skate shiTT

caught this one via TOREY on facebook/// this keeps skateboarding interesting. nothing generic about this edit.

quick clip///chu mins

heres a quick one that kbirdie upped yesterday. some killer mini shred/tech shit.


meaniiz and the lens bring you a GRIME bike check. this thing is built up sick///digging the red components in the mix.


caught this one over at CRISPY STREAM ///some killer mini shred in here. head over to their blog, looks like these guys know how to get loose.


the FOAD squad got out to one of their local skateparks for some shred/// looks like a decent park. these guys keep the flicks coming non stop. while i was over at their joint/// i caught this;
looks sick. keeps wax from getting all over your shit, probably works good for waxing shit too. ha. sick find guys.