throwaway edit /// max pulice

max put this one together///psyched to see em reppin TTH13TTH real hard in here. the ender is some funny shit and it looks like theres some new groms in here coming in hot. sick///looks like some throwaway for an upcoming edit.


who better to spread peace and love than  WOLFDRAWN haha. heres more of that vimeo b-roll shit you love. looks like leftovers from KVLT KLIPS and CONGO'S BIKE CHECK///WD edits are always a good time. tune in and soak up some good vibes.


double up on bmx shit today///saw this and had to post it. im a burns fan, and he brings some new shit to the mix in this one. the enders are so sick.


heres a new one from SPUN // theres some "old school" track bike wheelies in the mix. watch for the follow filmers haha, im wondering where all these shots went? either way, some good shit, some low res filming, a look at whats up with spun.


sMc. is a squad of local riders out of orange county. instead of dropping what could have been like 7 web edits, they stacked a shitload of footage to bring us a full lenght. they're saying all the footage is old now, but fuck that, this is a showing of months of work//spot hunting, stacking clips, staying at it, editing a massive pile of footage, all that shit takes work. give it up for these guys for putting together some shit like this without a "dvd" release party, without "video sponsors" without much help from outside their circle. its fucking sick to see people bring it together just because they wanted to. musgrave, jball, aranowitz, and junho went hard to deliver four full parts. check it.

n⊗⊗b$ // clement lefebvre

young gun/14 year old clement lefebvre is the newest member of NUCULT. looks like he took the time to stack footage and bring a solid showing for a first edit. heres what nucult had to say;
"I met Clement when he was no higher than three apples, he was skateboarding with us at the time. I saw him land with a fixed bike, and in some months he gained a level as you can see! This boy is so crazy!"


some park tech shit for you///cuz i definitely dont post enough tech shit and theres some mind blowing lines in here.

skate shiTT///double feature today. the first one is some animated jason dill shit. looks pretty sick. the second is lb local heroes at TRONG YOUR MIND with some mini shred. 


i posted this once before///get pissed.


looks like what could be a new 1/8th inch rider? we havent seen much in the way of web flicks from 1/8th inch in a long fuckin time now. heres a quick one///learnin 360's.

mashafix /// mixie nation

that first hill is fucking insane on 20" wheels. wtf. some trick shit in here. MASHAFIX is going hard in the paint lately. this ones kinda long so be ready to sit back.

n⊗⊗b$ // pete thomas

pete sent this through///hes a reader  here at TTv and emailed me a link to this//his first edit. theres some solid foundation here to build on. keep at and keep reading. thanks pete. i dig these spots, they look abandoned.

Fixie Factory: Halloween