the contest ends tomorrow///all shit must be submit by midnight tomorrow night. looks like the boothby attempt is all there is so far... so this shit is still wide open. 

will gibbons afternoon sesh version 2

sounds like will is gunna get at some web flicks and this ones a sick kick off. theres two versions of it if you click through to VIMEO///i dig this one, the music is way creepier than the metal version haha, the intro is sick, and hes definitely been killing it on his bike lately. looks like he got out and filmed at uci with some irvine locals. psyched to see more of this, keep it coming will, thanks for sending it through.

common bikes

musgraves been getting out and filming with common bmx for a while now. mostly bmx in here but musgrave has a bunch of clips. sick to see fixed and bmx getting mixed in.

ninja cats ss phoenix repping

this is sick//a circus of a web flick. tons of slams in here, tons of weird fuckin mini shred. NINJA CATS kill it and sol brings us a change of pace with this flick. sick entertainment. haha.


this is so sick///i know boothby has it in him, i figured him to be someone who might get in on this. so fucking sick. he has 3's like nothing. fuckin psyched on this, the only submission so far... tomorrow is the last day to submit, get em in. BIGGEST TRUCK CONTEST///boothby you kill it man. thanks to MASHAFIX for the coverage.

winter shred

that winter shred is almost here///this ones a full length, some grass roots winter shred shit. sunday morning movie type shit.