HOLY SHIT/// this one is sick as fuck. KVLT KLIPS just went next level. everyone is killing it in this one. deeep stack of footage. theres some fucked up shit in here, i dont even know what to call out//so many hammers.  WOLFDRAWN DELIVERS



off TTopic /// more neckface

theres been a shitload of neckface lately//i get into it sometimes. fuck it///his opinion on shit is funny.


its like halloween all year if you listen to this shit.


caught this while cruising the BONEDETH blog///also saw these picks of burns new build///chromed out looking sick as fuck.

SHMOB saTTurdays: \/\/alnut cr33k sesh

Hit the Walnut Creek skatepark with the crew this week, snagged some phone clips while we were there and took it to the streets for a nighTTsesh afterwards.

skate shiTT///ny subway skateboarding

ive seen a fuckload of webflicks///and shit starts to look generic sometimes, but this ones definitely a change of pace. so sick. creative skate shit at its finest. must see TTv.
snagged from WHATCHULOOKLIKE aka (dahstreets.blogspot) /// been a reader of their blog for a long time, head over and check it out.

big wheel bmx

consider this your saturday night movie or some shit. lots of park riding from some of the best big bike shredders in the game.

tae apicha pudpong

some shit from overseas///kinda long but theres some good riding in here. check the intro antics, looks like good times. caught this via MATTREYES on vimeo.

SHMOB saTTurdays: Kulture Lab TTeasers

Here's a series of 30 second clips promoting Kulture Lab Components. The first is me outside of San Francisco city hall and the next two are Sean Sieling (killing it with that 3 down the set). I'm stoked on how these came out, Go-Pro quality is on point//quick clips are the shit. Defintely expect more from K-Lab soon. Hit up the online store for sprockets, tees, and decals.

SHMOB saTTurdays: screenshoTT