Fixie Factory: @JoeMckeagSays

FℲ regular joe mckeag now was a twitter// follow for a good look into his soul -a

fixed freestyle trailer

sounds like slumone is working on a documentary. looks sick as fuck. via WHEELTALK ///head over there for more info.


way too fucking sick///thanks to congo for sending this through. haha. epic sticker placement. 

skate shiTT///halloweekend

fuck work, fuck school///time for chicks dressed as sluts and other retarded halloween shit. lol at the flick... and this pic; hahaha so sick
lol///is this joe? haha snagged from wolfdrawn instagram. 

off TTopic // halloween shit

this shits from last halloween, but it looks like it couldve been sick. did anyone go to it?

best shit ever // torey thornton loose nuts layback

this ones definitely on my best shit ever list. sick edit for sure. quick and simple with some epic tricks in it. that last section with the crazy lighting is epic. definitely a re-run worth watching a few times.


its friday//i hope everyones weekend is just as fucked as a banned video.

skate shiTT

palace flicks are always pretty sick.


sights and sounds.


lol///nice music guys. tune in for some bump & grind haha.


luv u jakob and teppei -a