if you havent seen this shit yet, head over to GRIME now and check out mikes bike check. probably the sickest bike check photos to hit fixed bikes. his build looks fuckin legit too. way more photos over there, click through.


on some sissy shit today///this video is killer tho. fuck it.

the hisTTory channel /// keo curry

when i get feedback like this///i try not to pass it up (see below) i dig it when people get involved. here's a response to yesterdays downtown showdown flick, and i definitely fuckin agree. keo will be respected for as long as people are riding fixed bikes in the street and i can see the comparison here. his tricks on some early fixed shit, back to the tarck days, really werent matched, and may never be... kind of like rodney mullen. its a style of riding that kind of disappeared when stronger bikes showed up, noobs and racer/fast bike types will still fuck with these tricks but ive never seen anyone with the dedication it would take to step to some keo shit.

skate shiTT

from the squad that brought us TOXIC TURDZ /// some epic creative skate shit. big wheels, loose trucks, killer spots, makeshift transition, all kinds of sick shit in here. via WILLROSENSTOCK

lane daniels

holy shit lane is coming in hot. some serious clips in here///1:20 is so sick hahaha. lots of good riding from a name we dont see much of. cant wait to see more//keep em coming lane.

gabe cunningham clips

serious fuckin wallrides at the beginning here///he pedals through that shit, so legit. some real big drops in here. killing shit. is this some n00b shit? if it is, watch the fuck out for the next wave of new riders.

a typical sf trip

some bmx mixed with some fixed. theres at goat with the front brake we saw built up yesterday.

quick clip///FOAD dumpster diving

quick dumpster double peg. FOAD keeps em coming.


more from kert petersel///caught this one via kenny arimotos likes on vimeo. sick hesher shit.

o-tak fall 2011

feeling all the wheelie shit in this one.