the \/\/4L/\/\4RTTv video is back for a limited time. shit was sick to do and i was psyched on the response. this was one of my favorite TTv moments of all time so far, hopefully there will be more shit like this in the future. READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS NEXT PART /// THIS VIDEO IS A PAST EVENT, THE SHIRTS ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE, SO LOOK IF YOU WANT TO BUT THEY ARENT THERE, and no, that isnt me in the video.


take a trip way back to THIETH's first attempt at contest coverage. im not some fucking editing genius or cinematography pro///so fuck the quality. sorry about the audio at 1:43, i posted up that other one so i thought id dig in the vault. this is basically some hisTTory channel shit right here. goes way back over a year now, everyone is on 700's with tiny tires, you get it. just watch this shit.

eyeTTunes// electric wizard

go to your local haunted area, crank this up real loud///& lose yourself.


off TTopic // #BSGD |nsfw|

god bless america for things like this hahaha



i was at the fixie factory last weekend & thieth should me these videos & my mind was blown ///this seriously puts cyk/jackass to shame & it doesnt hurt that there is some riding in this.

PS: if you find part 3 please tell me.

edit deux:
thanks to kenny arimoto sent me this via fb here is the full video


off TTopic // bootleg fireworks



destroy masochist v2

looks like V2 of the the DESTROY MASOCHIST is about to hit the streets. the translucent colors are so sick, and the free hub deal for preorders is legit. get on this while you can, supplies are limited. head over to the DESTROY BLOG for more details (shortest rear end in the game) so sick. fair price too.

eyeTTunes// de la soul



rooTTs //

some classic street riding from edwin delarosa



looks like PHOENIX is dropping some nylon pedals///i thought pedals have typically been pc. i always imagined nylon would make for good pedals. either way sick to see the phoenix line growing. i also hear rumors of some epic strap colorways coming sometime in the near future. 

skate shiTT

sick backyard ramp setup.


"crimes that are done in the name of satan"


giant one

a nice time lapse of mike giant///doing a piece for a pop up store in la for rebel 8



this says it was filmed two years ago// for a neckface movie so hopefully that shit will be coming out soon
ps: i liked him alot more when no body knew what he looked liked//i feel like he kinda lost his hype but regardless hes still badass.



bracewars the band and cats are the jam// haha but seriously who the fuck has this many cats?


rooTTs // Jake Seeley

this is seriously one of my favorite video parts//dude does alot of tech stuff and is kind of a bigger dude so he hold it down & the line at 2:11 is straight madness


the hisTTory channel/// ɔıƃɐɯ ʞɔɐןq

when this edit came out i remember being so stoked on everything about it//the riding,editing,& music. its funny to see matt running a 26 in the front and corey rock'n a set of pegs. haha



i love how this dude makes a parody trailer// just goes to show you not to take shit so seriously all the time// loosen up and just ride


eyeTTunes // lukid

its almost hyptonising the way they edited this///


skate shiTT//quick clip


off TTopic// FTS

caught this one on steven jensens facebook//& got so pumped to see people fuck up these cops for brutality



theres a pack of G.O.A.T.s in the wild now///head over to GRIME and check em out. lots of build pics just posted up.

alex nunez for all city

looks like ALL CITY is getting these frames into the right peoples hands. the recent edits for all city have been sick. alex stepped up for this one, lots of sick clips and a quick turnaround from build to completed edit. some super good shit in here.